The imagery on this website for the 11th Engaging With Vietnam conference is inspired by the design of the Bauhaus, an early-twentieth century German art school that has had an enormous influence on art and design both in Europe and globally.

Given that the 11th conference will be held in Europe, the imagery on the website is meant, on the one hand, to celebrate the great work of the Bauhaus, but on the other hand, to also lead us to wonder what its influence on Vietnam was.

Modern Vietnam has a long and vibrant tradition of design and typography, and yet that tradition is little understood. In recent years a young Vietnamese type designer has been creating digital typefaces that seek to recover some of the typographic styles of the past.

They can be seen here on the images of this website. While they are beautiful to look at, they also make us wonder about the connections between Vietnam and Europe that made those historical typefaces possible. Who were the Vietnamese type designers who created typefaces in the past? What were there ideas?

The interconnected history of design is one of the many possible topics that one could examine in order to engage with the main focus of the 11th Engaging With Vietnam conference. In the end, the goal for all of us with this conference is to gain a better understanding of “Vietnam in Europe, Europe in Vietnam.”

The design of this website is meant to get us in the mood for doing precisely that.

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